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Professional Style Barbeque Sauces & Seasonings (Dry Rub)

QueDaddy offers a traditional yet distinctive recipe for southern style dry rub and barbeque sauce with a mouthwatering blend of carefully selected spices and ingredients crafted to assure that the best barbeque in town is at your house!

BarbeQue Sauces and Dry Rubs from QueDaddy! Barbeque Dry Rub from QueDaddy Pro-Style Barbeque products

Our products are twice the size as regular specialty sauces and spices!

QueDaddy BarbeQue Sauces

QueDaddy BarbeQue Sauces are decades old recipes designed to enhance an already great tasting piece of meat.  BarbeQued meats, smoked or otherwise, with the properly applied QueDaddy Dry Rub, will already taste wonderful.  We use our QueDaddy BarbeQue Sauces to add even more to the "WOW " factor you've already experienced.  We shake it well and pour it in a glass bowl or sauce pan and heat it up in the microwave or on the stove, then pour it on our chopped BarbeQue (pork, beef or venison), when we're ready to eat, or we use it for dipping our ribs or chicken.  Using our vinegar based QueDaddy BarbeQue Sauce has been popular used in other ways as well.  Try using as a marinade, or pouring some into your baked beans and mix some of that chopped pork BarbeQue in there too.  "WOW" again is what you'll say!  We just want you to experiment and have fun with our QueDaddy products and see what new and amazing dish you can come up with for your next cookout. 

QueDaddy BarbeQue Seasonings (Dry Rub)

QueDaddy BarbeQue Seasonings (Dry Rubs), are specially blended to tenderize and add flavor to a variety of meats used to BarbeQue.  We use our dry rubs on pork shoulder, pork chops, beef brisket, whole chickens, chicken parts, pork or beef ribs, lamb, fish and multiple types of wild game.  We'll even mix it into our ground meats for burgers or when browning it for another type dish.  We encourage you to try it on anything and experiment and see just what you like to use it on and how much to use.  We sort of have a rule of thumb, the thinner the meat the less you put on it, the thicker the meat the more you use, but you will determine  what's the right amount for you.


Free BarbeQue Videos

QueDaddy BarbeQue Videos

Click on "BarbeQue Videos" in the right hand column to view our free videos that will teach you how to use QueDaddy rubs and sauces to create professional BarbeQue results in your home!

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Portions of QueDaddy proceeds go to faith based charities.

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View our free videos to learn how now to make the best BarbeQue in town.

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